Meet Noha


Noha Elbaz has lived in Clovis with her family since 2013 and is the proud mother of two boys who attend Clovis Unified Schools.

Elbaz and her husband were drawn to Clovis’ small-town charm. The choice to live in Clovis has provided their children with a wonderful public school education and a safe place to grow up. Her family is invested in the community and proud to call Clovis home.


As Campus President of a local college in Clovis, Elbaz oversaw the

education of hundreds of local students in the healthcare and criminal

justice fields; students who continue to live, work, and thrive in Clovis.

Under Elbaz’ leadership, a campus priority was to empower students

to learn not only how to be successful, but provide them with

opportunities to serve their community. She put in place a mentorship

program that paired incoming students with campus staff. The

program provided students with needed guidance and support to be

successful in college and in life. Elbaz and the leadership team she

oversaw garnered partnerships and volunteer opportunities for staff

and students to regularly volunteer across the community and help

local organizations such as Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and the

Central California Food Bank as well as hosting blood drives in

collaboration with the Central California Blood Center. As a

postsecondary educator nationally and abroad, Elbaz has worked to

ensure diversity on college campuses as well as champion

educational opportunities for all. 

From the beginning of her career, Elbaz has been driven to serve the community. After graduating from Columbia University in NYC, she went on to be an elementary school teacher with the Teach for America program, where she launched multiple initiatives to advance student literacy to better support under-served students. She was the driving force behind the effort which allowed students to publish and showcase their talents on a popular, local website. 


Elbaz believes it’s essential to involve parents and guardians in their children’s education. To invite and encourage this, Elbaz founded a student-led Country Fair at the elementary school at which she taught that allowed students to not only learn and write about different cultures but share the learning experience with their families. Helping to build the next generation of leaders, Elbaz also coached students in basketball and soccer and mentored students to pursue postsecondary educational pathways. She completed her Master's in Education as well as an MBA to better equip her for serving her students and her staff.


Elbaz spends her free time giving back to the community by volunteering in her children’s classrooms and supporting educational causes. With a first and a fifth-grader, she has had many opportunities throughout their time in Clovis Unified to assist with projects, supervise field-trips, help grade homework, and present to students. She serves as a member of the Central Valley STEM Network, which brings together stakeholders from across the community committed to STEM education and expanding access to high-quality STEM instruction and experiences for all children in the region.


Elbaz believes that responsible growth is vital to Clovis. Supporting local businesses and encouraging new businesses is one of the keys to ensuring a thriving, diverse, and prosperous community.