Why I'm Running

I believe in public service and want to bring a fresh perspective to the Clovis City Council. 


As a young child, my family immigrated to North America from Alexandria, Egypt. My parents, an engineer and a doctor chose to immigrate in order to provide the best opportunities possible for my sister, brother, and me. They worked hard to give us every opportunity they could to attain excellent educations and instilled in us the importance of hard work and giving back to our community.

Following my parents' lead, as a young adult, I took to new adventures, living, studying, and working in multiple cities throughout the country and abroad. I quickly found a passion for helping people in my career and knew that giving back, and public service was where I was meant to be.

I came to the Central Valley and chose Clovis specifically for its small-town charm, good public education, and because it offers a safe place to raise young kids. I want to work to maintain those things through supporting businesses, responsible growth, and offering a diverse perspective. 

In running for the Clovis Unified School Board this past November, I was overwhelmed with the amount of support that came from all areas of the community— different backgrounds, age levels, political leanings, and beliefs, all looking to work to make the community even stronger, together. Although I didn't win, that experience inspired me to take on the challenge of running for City Council as I believe there is strong support for a new perspective. 

We’re a growing, diversifying community where everyone’s voice is needed in the conversation. I know how to bring different groups together and energize people around a common cause.

In Clovis, at our core, I believe we are all looking for much of the same things—an economically vibrant, welcoming community in which to raise our families.  I am a proud resident of Clovis and will work to ensure the city continues to thrive, residents have a voice in where and how we grow, and businesses are given the support they need to be successful.

Responsible Growth

Encourage responsible, planned expansion to our City as we welcome new residents.

Business Owner

Business Support

Ensure current businesses have what they need to prosper while attracting and supporting new businesses to The City.

Diverse Perspective

Bring a new voice and perspective to the City Council and work to ensure that the diversity that exists in our community is represented.